Partners and education professionals

An experienced, trained and caring team on-site.

A full service for program managers and Study Abroad teams.

Since 2002, we have been working with education professionals, university partners and international agents on cultural and linguistic immersion stays for their students studying in Paris. We have also developed a strong network of families. We know how to select them and how to find the ones that meet your expectations!

We emphasise human warmth as well as efficiency, quality and proximity.


Our expertise allows us to:

  • Understand your constraints and needs, and align them with ours.
  • Work confidently and responsively, while being flexible when needed.
  • Offer a unique linguistic and cultural immersion to optimise your students' stay.
  • Relieve your teams of the administrative load (contracts with the families, compulsory insurance in France, financial relations, etc.).
  • Intervene in your student orientations.
  • Organise activities: booking hotels, transport cards, tickets for shows, making advance payments.
  • Provide guarantees to reassure parents.
  • Offer French language courses, coordinate registrations for the TEF and TCF French language certification tests (more information here).


We are proud to be a member of several professional groups in our field. These affiliations allow us to exchange with other professionals operating in the same field.

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